baby dumplings

Mamma Tips

Remedies that we all typically have in our kitchens:

Coconut Oil or Olive Oil - Cradle Cap Cure (or at least minimizes it quite a bit!)  Warm a pea size dollop in your hands and massage into baby scalp, let sit for 30 minutes then wash out with water or with a very mild baby soap.

I use coconut oil on my lips so that I know when I kiss my little one all is good!

Dish Soap - Baby Poop stain (I said it on my food blog! oh boy, all I can say is welcome to parenthood if you're a newbie, because sometimes it seems like your world revolves around poop!)  You don't need a fancy stain remover, we simply use an eco-friendly brand of dish soap directly on the poop stain after rinsing out in cold water.  If you don't have time to wash right away then let soak in cold water until it's time for wash with baby detergent.

Baby Products that work for us (mind you, I was not paid by these companies to try their products, this is simply what I've found out in the world that is non-toxic and works for us!)

Baby Mantra-very mild not a bad scent but not sweet either...don't worry your baby will smell sweet within minutes because all babies smell like sugared donuts.

Earth Mama Angel Baby, Natural Nipple Butter-works very well as a nipple butter (as it very well should!)  I like that everything is edible already!!  We also use it on our little one's rosy chapped cheeks and chin and I often use it as a lip balm, again since I know it's safe to kiss her with!

Earth Mama Angel Baby, Baby Bottom Balm-we use this for our little one occasionally throughout the day and certainly for that nighttime diaper.

Baby Clothes:
Clothes are certainly something that there will be no shortage of at least for the first 9 months especially if you are fortunate enough to have friends and family that like to spoil your little one!
What I've found that really works through all of these kooky outfits is that quality is key over quantity.  I'm not one for a closet full of clothes, I like just a few quality items and this is how I shop in general.  But hey if you are out for quantity, go for it there are so many fun and goofy outfits for babies!

 If you do laundry daily the lesser amount is needed if you do laundry less frequently then by all means go for more!

The Basics

3-5 pairs of pants (for girls a mixture of thicker Leggings & thicker Pants)
3-5 sleepers (we prefer the non-footie type so that we can be sure that our little one's feet are warm and not squished by putting on comfy socks)
5 thick & comfy pairs of socks (Best First Ever from Hanna Andersson-actually stay on, hooray!)
2 hats (1 cotton & 1 baby cashmerino wool or your preferred fiber for a warm outdoor hat)
5 short-sleeved onesies
5 long-sleeved onesies
2 sweaters
1 jacket- (honestly ours currently is super light weight and we just bundle her in loads of blankets when we load out to the car or take her out on a walk, however we live in a maritime climate so if you are in the artic tundra a jacket or 2 would be very useful!)

We don't have a boy so you fill in the blank here with cutie petootie outfits for partying or just hanging out playing and being stylish.
1-2 dresses (we love playdresses they can be dressed up if needed or just fun to play in) with warm footless tights and a cute pair of cozy socks (again we love Hanna Andersson for just about everything but their baby tights are the best and actually fit babies!  We have yet to try their non-footless type of tights as we like to keep her feet cozy and warm with the 'Best First Ever' socks that I mentioned above)

A bit of advice, one piece of clothing we found utterly useless are these sleeper gowns that they sell at Carter's.  I can see perhaps old-fashioned gowns with cords/ribbons that can be manually loosened and tightened (which are considered highly dangerous now!!) would be adorable and make sense, but what we found is that there is no good way to get this elastic bit at the bottom up and over that round belly that seems comfortable for baby when dressing baby or when changing a diaper.  But hey if they work for you, fantastic!  Just my bit of advice, if you are given a bunch then I caution just wash one and give it a try and if it works, super, if not then exchange the rest for something cute and useful!

There is one piece of clothing that we wish we had purchased or even known about!  Right away, kimono style shirts and onesies are super useful...especially if you are newbie parents like we are...we had no clue how to dress her, she seemed so itty bitty and tiny, how do you get something over her head, our hospital had these little obi wan kenobi style shirts that rocked!  We still like kimono style onesie now, but can easily dress our little one with the over-the-head type!