October 24, 2009

Quinoa Or Chocolate?

Well the days of detoxing have ended......that is until next Spring; when the flowers are in full bloom, I shall find myself embarking on another journey of cleansing my organs.

I have to say after this 21 day cleanse, I wasn't craving anything that could possibly be thought of as naughty!

All quite suitable in fact, the type of ingredients that one is proud to crave. Quinoa and Spinach, no Chocolate, no Coffee, no Sugar, OH MY!

With my work, I'm surrounded by one of the world's finest organic fair-trade chocolates and I still don't eat nearly as much as I used to.

I'm constantly surrounded by delicious scents wafting up from the roasting of cocoa beans or the creation of a new confection flavor and if anything this helps with cravings as opposed to feeding into the craving.

In fact during the detox cleanse, I loved (well I always thoroughly enjoy this) but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED brewing coffee for Travis! The dark, earthiness of the coffee beans, the rich intoxicating scent of the hot water hitting the ground beans.....awwwww.