December 30, 2021

More S'mores Please


The girls squeal as a small spark ignites the fire.

The teeniest snow flurries swirl around the smoke and land on their fingertips.

The flames grow tall and the girls grab their sticks armed with marshmallows, pudgy white marshmallows destined for the hot orange blaze. 

They stand back and turn the marshmallows over the flames, roasting to a golden brown until POOF it's on fire!

"AHHHHH...oh no it's burnt!"  Daddy swoops in and pulls off the charred sticky bits and gobbles it up with one big bite!  

The remaining gooey globs of fluff are quickly smooshed between a square of chocolate and crunchy graham crackers.  

"S'mores...S'mores....S'mores...More S'mores Please!"