May 25, 2015

Things Will Be Changing Around Here...Introducing baby dumplings!

Wow!  It has been 9 months since I've posted anything!  Life has been busy!  Last summer-winter I took on an all-consuming project with a small start-up company in Seattle, where I curated and tested hundreds of recipes, styled and photographed each and every one and had no time for my sweet Honey Dumplings, sorry about that!

Here it is already spring, flowers are blooming, rhubarb is the star ingredient and berries and stone-fruit are right around the corner!  Summer is nearing and we (T & I) are thrilled to announce that we are growing a family of our own.  In just a couple of months, we will be 3!

I've been busy, sewing, painting, knitting, reading, researching everything from vaccines to breastfeeding and meeting pediatricians to post anything about food lately.  In fact, cooking and food have become a very low priority to me for the majority of my pregnancy, besides the scent of it all, the actual cooking has been so tiring! For the first time in my life I finally understand why some people just don't enjoy cooking!  A very strange time for my relationship with food, since the majority of my lifetime has revolved solely around food and all that it entails!  In fact, during my first trimester my husband and I went on a trip to a lovely little cottage nestled into the hillside above the Puget Sound and for one of our dinners we had the option of having a 9-Course Chef Tasting menu, and I opted for a simple bowl of soup, bread and cheese.  What!?! Exactly, what I thought!  Throughout my pregnancy, I have been ruled by the little one growing in my belly.  She determines when I eat, how much and what tastes good!  Most food that I don't typically include in my diet is ever-present now.

During this last trimester, I'm regaining some of my taste preferences!  Grainy bread, greens and fish.  Then there are days that she rules and it's cheese, whole milk (ugh!  I was a kid that never liked milk and now I drink it nearly everyday!), yogurt, fruit and beef.

So alas, I wanted to let you know that I am here and will continue to be here, although I may not post as frequently as I did once upon a time.  Also, things will be changing as I'm sure you've suspected!  baby dumplings will be a place within this blog for all things related to baby, from activities to food.  They'll still be the occasional dinner party menu and all of that fun food but my aim currently and for the near future is simplicity with a focus on baby!

Cheers to you all and Happy Spring!