March 3, 2009

Yogurt On-The-Go

Convenience plays a huge role in modern day life. We are accustom to all of the prepackaged foods, drinks and take-out. Cooking has taken a back burner to all of the other important tasks and to-dos in our lives.

I encourage you to get back into your kitchens. Whether it's cooking a few big meals on the weekends so you have home-cooked dinners throughout the week or it's as simple as skipping the take-out and picking up fresh ingredients for a quick stir-fry one night out of the week.

We really do have it so easy now! There is no need to milk our own cows, make our own cheese, slaughter our own pigs, collect our own chicken eggs, sow our own seeds. So it might seem like such an extra effort to actually dust off that stove-top and see what you can create.

I have friends that eat out nearly every meal. If that sounds familiar, then start with a realistic goal. Perhaps once per week you'll pack a lunch and every Tuesday you'll make dinner at home. Start your own routine and give it a go for at least a month and see how you feel.

You benefit in more ways than one, not only are you receiving more nutrients from your fresh cooked ingredients, you also gain such peace of mind when you know exactly what ingredients you've used. You might even know the farmers who grew the ingredients or who collected the eggs from their chickens. You can count on no added preservatives, sugars, MSG or any of the ingredients you would typically find in convenience foodstuffs.

Start simple and think outside of the prepackaged snack bags and containers.
For instance, do you purchase individual yogurts for quick snacks and brown bag lunches?

An easy way to go about packing your own, is simply to purchase a quart of plain yogurt and stir in your favorite flavorings. Of course, you can make your own yogurt too!

This morning I've taken a dollop of strawberry preserves and swirled it into a bit of plain yogurt; topped it off with blueberries, plain yogurt, a drop of strawberry preserves & a few more berries.

If you are on-the-go, then create your own individual cups by packing it all into a 1/2-pint glass canning jar. You can be as inventive as you like. The combination's are endless.
Here are just a handful to get your wheels turning.

Candied Ginger & Apple Sauce
Meyer Lemon Zest & Fresh Blueberries
Honey & Coconut
Maple Syrup & Toasted Walnuts
Fig Jam & Hazelnuts
Fresh Berries & Peaches

So go ahead! Give it a go, get in your kitchen!

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