June 5, 2009

Salvadorian Coffee Cake

I love when my friend Roxana comes to town. We went to the CCA together, therefore you can gather that she is a fellow food lover! She's always up to explore new restaurants and delights in my home baked goodies.

I've been saving this recipe for her visit: Gourmet Magazine this March has a recipe for a Salvadorian Quesadilla. You'll find no tortillas here, however cheese is a must. This cake is an El Salvadorian sweet, a delicious poundcake that is usually enjoyed for breakfast with coffee. So I suppose I could name it, Salvadorian Coffee Cake. A hint of parmesan, a sprinkling of sesame seeds, creamy creme fraiche (substitute for sour cream) & a buttery crumb set this cake apart from a typical sourcream coffee cake.

Delicious served with a dollop of creme fraiche or fig preserves and of course a steaming cup of coffee.

After taste testing, the cake is lacking a bit of pungency from the cheese. Roxana is from El Salvador, and I listen up when she has critiques or comments on her native dishes.
"Did you use cake flour? It's too crumbly and it definitely needs more cheese."

Overall, a very Americanized version of the classic Salvadorian Quesadilla. Her sister is the baker in the family and has promised me her recipe. I guess the trick is to use rice flour, rather than cake flour and a native Salvadorian cheese as well as Parmesan.

Overall Gourmet, your recipe receives a B-. Scrumptious particularly when dipped into hot coffee, albeit a bit crumby and lacking cheese flavor, most of all a B- for breaking with tradition.


  1. Way to tell it like it is Miss V! Sounds like a really interesting flavor combination to have with coffee. -Wx

  2. Thanks Miss W! It really is...the sesame seeds are a must even though they may seem a bit out of place they really bring a delicious nuttiness and fun texture to the cake.