July 7, 2009

Love Is In The Air

This weekend we celebrated our lovely friends', Gunilla & Zak's Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony.

Travis was such a trooper, preparing the coolers and ice-packs for the long trip from LA to Bonny Doon. We arrived after 6 hours of car travel and the tiers were still chilled. Excellent job sweetie!

Our bucolic gift was inspired by Spanish ingredients, as Spain is where the two were married the first time around. Almond Mocha Kisses; Almond cake layered between silky Mocha Buttercream and Vanilla Whipped Cream with Strawberries.

Happy Anniversary you two!!


  1. so nice to see your face!! i want to send you some pictures of the wedding cakes i have done lately and you are going to scream when you see how similar our cakes look!!

    i still think about your chicken empanadas w/mango salsa. i made them once, but never again b/c i have just been waiting to see you again so you will make them for me!

  2. so good to hear from you!!
    do send over your pics, can't wait to see!
    awwww the chicken emapanadas with mango salsa, it's been ages, but I think I know what we'll be snacking on tomorrow.
    if you are ever in la, look me up and we can surely have an empanada party!
    hugs & kisses~