June 25, 2010

This Brownie Isn't Shy: Brownie Testing Take 1

Whether dense, chunky, gooey, cakey, crumby, airy or nutty; Brownies are difficult to resist. I'm in the testing stages right now using Theo Chocolate's 70% Dark Chocolate. This chocolate's cacao beans are sourced from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Theo does not hinder their chocolate with the addition of soy lecithin their bars are packed full of cacao butter; as it should be! Therefore there is a depth to the chocolate that is unmatched out in the world. A deep red fruity chocolate with a beautiful balance of sweetness and floral tones. This chocolate pairs up nicely with nuts.
This brownie isn't shy, it's chock-full of chocolate and not your average 50-60% Cacao....this is a whopping 70% chocolate bar brimming over with antioxidants.

Testing Notes:
Rich, good sweetness. A bit too dense. Addition of 1-2 more eggs and perhaps cut the butter down a smidgen. Delicious right from the oven, okay later in the day. Even better after freezing and the following days.

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