July 11, 2010

Earth & Sea

Umi Sake House's Moonraker Roll balances delicately between Earth and Sea.

Spicy yellowtail, cucumbers & cilantro topped with a smokey mixture of seared snow crab & black tobiko drizzled with a citrus jalapeno sauce & truffle oil.

Flavor profile: Salty...Sweet...Smokey...Spicy...Savory...Earthy & Fruity

Texture: Creamy & Crunchy

Now, I love truffles just as much as the next Italiana and I do think that it enhances many dishes, but it's competing with too many elements in Umi's Moonraker Roll; this roll would be better off without it! The truffle oil DOES add a certain element of earthiness however the smokiness could pull this off on its own.

What I love about Umi's Moonraker Roll is that it satiates completely with one bite! You get a bit of everything from clean crisp cucumbers to citrus sweetness, seawater to bonfire smoke & the fruity spice of the jalapeƱo to the woodsy taste of truffles.

Adopting the Japanese Izakaya style of informal eating and drinking, Umi was designed to reflect the layout of a Japanese country house, including both a front and back porch.

We are already planning our next visit as Umi Sake House is like dropping by an old friend's house on a summer afternoon.

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