December 8, 2011

Biscuits: Buttermilk vs. Cream

Buttermilk are light and fluffy warm from the oven, with lots of flaky layers due to all of that cold butter. I make my buttermilk biscuits with just a touch of sugar, they pair beautifully with berry preserves and dare-I-say more butter! Perfect as a sweet snack or in place of toast for breakfast.

Cream are savory, rich and hearty with a touch of flake straight from the oven. They are dense and hold up well to herbs, cheeses and meats. The golden biscuits above are my Cream Pecorino Biscuits and the light golden biscuits below are the buttermilk. The difference in color is that I simply adorned my buttermilk biscuits with a touch of buttermilk and raw sugar before baking and my Pecorino Biscuits I slathered with egg wash prior to baking. The perfect pairing for these cheesy biscuits is a dollop of fig & orange preserves or a simple drizzle of honey & of course butter.

I do love both, but buttermilk biscuits tend to win my heart; all of that butter lends to such a flaky layered consistency and of course they are a bit more sweet than savory.

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