April 10, 2011

Thai Noodle Palette

Tamarind is a must for Thai noodle dishes! That is the funky brown pulp in between the reddish orange chile paste and the garlic cloves. Starting at the Tamarind paste and traveling clockwise...next up garlic cloves, fresh lime, rice noodles, shallots, ginger or galangal and chile in some shape or form, whether fresh, paste or dried.

Palm sugar, Oyster Sauce & Fish Sauce are also traditional Thai ingredients.


  1. Hey Victoria!!!!

    I was reading some lit mag stuff and saw this not magazine you might be interested in/think about submitting some stuff to called "Lucky Peach." David Chang and some other have a hand in it:


    Hope all is well!!!!!! - Lucas

  2. Looks like pad Thai in the making! I agree about the fish sauce and palm sugar but have never used oyster sauce in my Thai noodles. Do you use both fish and oyster sauces?
    Thanks for reminding me of pad Thai--I was just wondering what I might cook for my parents when they visit next week, and I think this might be just the thing!

  3. Thanks Lucas! I will definitely check it out, I haven't read momofuku, but will check out the site! Hope you are doing well in Morocco!

    Becky, for my Phad Thai I use a touch of fish sauce with tamarind, lime juice & palm sugar for the base. For Phad Kee Mau I use oyster sauce and Thai soy sauce as the base. Have fun with your family! Oh and you definitely need peanuts for Phad Thai!!

  4. That was supposed to be Phad Kee Mao :) not Mau?..